Benefits of Becoming a Club Member

  1. Apply for sale/trade tablesat The Allentown Gun Show. The show tables are open to members only, at $65.00 per six foot table. Tables are not available to non members.
  2. For those members who are not reserving tables at The Allentown Gun Show, the show committee has a separate entrance reserved for members only. No need to wait on long lines with the paying public.
  3. On Saturdays club members enter The Allentown Gun Show 1/2 hour earlier than the paying public.
  4. No entrance fee for club members at The Allentown Gun Show, The Monthly Meetings, or any other event that may be held by the club.
  5. One 6 foot sale/trade table is available at no charge at The Monthly Meeting to club members only. It is first come, first served, with no guarantees. There is no application process to get a table at The Monthly Meetings. Members wanting tables wait in line. Those at the front of the line (earliest arrivals) are more likely to get a table. Non members may not have tables and must make a donation to enter.
  6. At The Monthly Meetings members enter 1/2 hour earlier than the paying public.
  7. Members receive at least 5 mailings each year. The club publishes an informational letter that accompanies the table applications for The Allentown Gun Show.
  8. Members are eligible to sponsor other individuals for membership, after being a member for one year.
  9. All members can vote in the elections of officers for the Board of Directors. *

* There are quite a few “for profit” promoters that disguise their gun show promotion business as a club. The terms “Arms Collectors”, “XYZ Collectors” and several other terms lead one to believe it is a non profit club. The Forks of the Delaware Historical Arms Society, Inc. is a non profit club, with a Board of Directors elected by the members, benefiting the club membership and serving several areas of collecting interests, as outlined in the club’s by laws and on the web site’s Home Page.

The next monthly meetings at the Palmer Firehall will be Sunday, June 16th.  Doors open at 8:30 a.m. Free coffee & doughnuts.